the Pedraza family



This was an easy, breezy session.  Good looking parents, cute baby that never, EVER stopped smiling and a beautiful fall backdrop.  perfect.  Brian and Adrienne had an ease about them.  You could see how much they loved one another and the love that they had for sweet baby Joseph.  It was wonderful meeting this family and watching the way that they interacted with and loved one another.  I have a good job.page4 page1 page3 page2

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the Keaney family

I love working with this family.  I have been photographing Calder since he was 10 weeks old.  Now, he is a very mobile, ridiculously cute 1 year old.  My sessions with the Keaney family have always been shot in their home.  They play and I shoot away.  Making for some really nice candid photos of their family.  This type of photography is probably my favorite.  I love to be a fly on the wall and just be there to capture those special moments that happen every day in a family.  Meet Terrance, Mary & Calder Keaney.


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the Fairman family

Now that the fog (or maybe smoke from my camera) has cleared from the Holiday photography season I can finally get back to blogging.  It has been a while to say the least.  I won’t tell you exactly how long ago my session with the Fairman family was but as you can see, we still had changing leaves in the trees.  Forever ago.  I know.  Anywho, the Fairmans.  An awesome family!  Christina, Hank and little Ellie were so fun to shoot.  It had been raining the entire weekend of our session.  We managed to get about an hour break in the rain.  We spent the first 45 minutes or so dry and the last 20 in a light drizzle.  Ellie was in heaven splashing and jumping in the puddles.  A perfect session.
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the Prine Family

Amber is one of my longest friends.  We met on her first day of school in the fourth grade.  Over the past 20-something years we have had more sleepovers, laughs, tears and softball tournaments than I can count.  Amber and I did soooo many things together that probably weren’t a great idea.  Luckily, we can out the other side with minimal wear and tear.  (An act of God, for sure!)  Now that we are in our 30’s, I am happy to say that we make much better choices.  Amber and Scott are high school sweethearts.  They have been together for a bagillion years.  It is great to see my friend in such a happy and loving marriage.  Together they have 2 little ones, Liam (adorable and a complete ham in front of the camera) and Adelaide (maybe the cutest baby ever born).  PS.  the light on the day of our session was perfect and made for some of my favorite session photos to date.  Enjoy!


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Farm Day with the Family at Frying Pan Park

DC people, If you haven’t been out to Frying Pan Park yet….GO!  It is a great trip for families.  We had a great time “picking rocks” to help the farmers get ready for wheat planting, petting the farm animals and riding the tractor.  Best of all, it is all FREE!  (We came on “Back to School” day so the tractor rides were free today but usually they are a couple of bucks per ticket.)  It is a perfect spot to spend a nice fall day.


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DIY Network Halloween photo shoot

I have had the pleasure working with a DC stylist named Manvi Drona  ( for a little over a year now.  Last year I shot an HGTV New Year’s tablescape for her along with  a Photo Booth how-to.  She just recently created a Halloween tablescape and DIY children’s costumes for the DIY Network.  I knew the perfect kids to model the costumes!  Please check out the DIY Network article and follow Manvi on Facebook + Twitter!

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the Wiggins family

I had the pleasure of working with the Wiggins family a few weeks ago.  This family has a pretty cool life.  Dad, Ian is a British Foreign Service Officer and so the family gets to do some serious traveling.  Awesome/jealous!  I had such a nice time working with them.  Meet the Wiggins.


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These are a few of my favorite things.

I have had so many awesome sessions lately.  I am getting comfortable with my new camera and editing style…although there is still so much more to learn.  But trucking along non-the-less.  And even though I haven’t posted a full blog post on these families, yet, I wanted to show a couple of my recent favorites.


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Enigma Boxing

Over the last several months Eric at Enigma Boxing and Training ( has been kicking my sorry butt into shape.  We have a pretty good thing worked out, he tortures me in the gym and I take photos for him to be used to promote his new business.  A couple weeks ago he asked me to go take pictures at the local boxing gym.  Fun…a little intimidating…but fun.  My usual group of clients are smiling kids and families and not so much sweaty, muscle wielding boxers.


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Kerianne + Joe

I think we were 5 minutes into this maternity session when I told Kerianne that she was ridiculously photogenic.  I mean really, a photographers dream.  She looked amazing in every shot!  Kerianne and Joe already had a perfectly outfitted nursery for their little one (Way more than I can say for myself when I was pregnant with my first) painted a great gender neutral shade of teal for their mystery baby.  He/She isn’t a spy, they have just  decided not to find out the gender.  Their puppy is even ready to be a furry big brother.  Meet Kerianne + Joe.pagepage2blog7page3

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