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the Mensah family

I know I have said this before but this really might be my favorite session to date.  It was so hard choosing a few of my top favorites from this bunch, I really kind of wanted to show you all of them but I manged to narrow it down.  When I met the Mensah family, mom Isabelle had just given birth (via c-section!) four days prior.  I have had 2 c-sections and I can say with 100% certainty that I did not look this good!  Super mom status! So without further ado.  The beautiful Mensah family.


Calder. 7 months

This is my favorite age.  6-9 month olds are so happy.  Constantly smiling, laughing and learning.  Calder is such a sweet boy and I was so happy to have the chance to take his picture again.


the Menkiti’s

The last time I saw the Menkiti family they were awaiting the arrival of the newest Menkiti boy.  I love photographing newborns…  Their little cries and sounds and the way they smell.  (During a newborn session is the only time it is appropriate to smell a client.)  Meet sweet baby Clayton.


the Avalos

Today I met John, Susan and LJ (aka Little John aka Peanut).  LJ, a 5 year old superhero, will be going to Children’s tomorrow morning to have a tumor removed from his brain…this will not be his first brain surgery.  I could literally feel the love and pain radiating from Susan during our session this afternoon.  Watching her memorize his face and mannerisms with tears in her eyes was more than I could handle. It was very powerful and very moving.  Luckily she had tissues on hand for me too. They reminded me to love my kids a little harder.  Good luck tomorrow sweet boy.


Caso’s in Naples

We just got back from an awesome family vacation in Naples.  The fact that we had such an amazing time made the hellish flight with a 17 month old worth the pain.  The beach is a great place to take pictures.  The light is great, the scenery is great and everyone is always happy.  Perfect.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the week.  (Oh how I miss 85 and sunny!)

My hunka-hunka husband, Louis.





my cutie patootie baby, Ronan.  I love this kids walk.


My oldest, Louis.  I told him if he could catch the bird that he could keep it.  He came pretty close!



Maëlle (aka Mimi) the only one who ever holds still for a picture.