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the Cahills

I first “met” Matt + Heidi several months ago while editing and listening to The Meredith Vieira Show.  I don’t really watch while I edit but I like the background noise. However my ears perked up when I heard Meredith start talking about a couple from Falls Church, VA (turns out we are neighbors!).  Just months after their marriage Matt was diagnosed with cancer and then a few years later Heidi also received the terrible diagnoses that she too had cancer.  The treatments unfortunately left them unable to conceive so they started down the long road to adoption.  They made an adoption video which quickly went viral.  After hearing their story I knew I wanted to reach out to Heidi.  I messaged her on Facebook offering her a session once she was home with her new baby.  I quickly received an email back from her saying she would be thrilled to work with me!……Now we wait……..I was so happy for them the day I received Heidi’s email telling me that they were parents and would soon be bringing their daughter home!  Working with this family and seeing the love and happiness they have for one another was truly beautiful.

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The Hamel Family

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

~Elizabeth Stone


The Morehouse Family

Ashlee + Jeff were referred to me by some past clients.  I love getting referrals and take them as such a compliment!  I photographed Ashlee when she was pregnant and then had the great pleasure of photographing them again when their newbie, Walker, was born.  Here are some Morehouse fun facts:  Ashlee and Jeff are both from Texas.  Texans take Texas seriously!  And to ensure that baby Walker (whom is named after a county in Texas) was a true Texan he needed to be born over Texas soil.  So Ashlee & Jeff’s families made sure they brought some with them when they attended the birth, slid some soil under Ashlee’s delivery bed and VOILA!  Walker was born over Texas soil.  I love it.  This kid will know his roots for sure!  Well without further ado, I present one of my favorite newborn sessions to date.


Sweet baby Paisleigh

This is my second session with Garri & Jillian.  The first was to photograph Jillian during her pregnancy and then I was welcomed back once little Paisleigh arrived.   I love this family.  Not only are they warm and welcoming but they are very much comfortable with one another and in their own skin.  This makes my job a whole lot easier and way more fun.  Both Garri & Jillian are deaf leaving me the odd man out during our sessions since I can sign my name and that is about it.  I feel like since they really need to make eye contact with one another that they are more connected than so many other couples that can “uh-huh, sure honey….” their way through a conversation.  You could see that connection in their maternity images and you can see it in their newborn images. I am very proud to share this session with you all!   – On a side note, I would like to thank Jillian for allowing me to share the image of her nursing Paisleigh.  In this photo they are signing “I love you”  This was my first ever “viral” photo with over 15k views, it is now being shared all over the internet as a wonderful example of a mothers’ love.  apage1

Jillian + Garri

Jillian and Garri are expecting their first baby any day now.  I really do mean any day.  They have decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby and also have secret names picked out.  I really hope they have patient family members.  When I was pregnant with my first, my husband and I decided not to find out the sex,  I really thought that my sister’s head might explode from the anticipation.  I am very lucky because I got to photograph the proud parents-to-be with their baby’s name written on a chalkboard….don’t worry guys, these lips are sealed.  blog

Elizabeth + Evelyn

I love mommy and baby sessions.  They are so sweet and intimate.  This was a great session start to finish.  The house was quiet when I arrived.  Baby Evelyn was napping and Elizabeth and I enjoyed a cup of coffee.  Before we woke her I snapped  a few shots of her sleeping.  We felt bad waking her, she looked so peaceful and comfy.  (Plus, why would you ever want to wake a sleeping baby!)  This session was very organic, I snapped away while Elizabeth and Evelyn snuggled and played.  So sweet, so so sweet.


Double Exposure Fun

We are snowed in so why not have a bit of fun editing.  It is way better than cleaning the house!  These images were created in Gimp (A free software) using layers and brushes.  Stay warm DC!


the Pedraza family



This was an easy, breezy session.  Good looking parents, cute baby that never, EVER stopped smiling and a beautiful fall backdrop.  perfect.  Brian and Adrienne had an ease about them.  You could see how much they loved one another and the love that they had for sweet baby Joseph.  It was wonderful meeting this family and watching the way that they interacted with and loved one another.  I have a good job.page4 page1 page3 page2

the Keaney family

I love working with this family.  I have been photographing Calder since he was 10 weeks old.  Now, he is a very mobile, ridiculously cute 1 year old.  My sessions with the Keaney family have always been shot in their home.  They play and I shoot away.  Making for some really nice candid photos of their family.  This type of photography is probably my favorite.  I love to be a fly on the wall and just be there to capture those special moments that happen every day in a family.  Meet Terrance, Mary & Calder Keaney.


the Prine Family

Amber is one of my longest friends.  We met on her first day of school in the fourth grade.  Over the past 20-something years we have had more sleepovers, laughs, tears and softball tournaments than I can count.  Amber and I did soooo many things together that probably weren’t a great idea.  Luckily, we can out the other side with minimal wear and tear.  (An act of God, for sure!)  Now that we are in our 30’s, I am happy to say that we make much better choices.  Amber and Scott are high school sweethearts.  They have been together for a bagillion years.  It is great to see my friend in such a happy and loving marriage.  Together they have 2 little ones, Liam (adorable and a complete ham in front of the camera) and Adelaide (maybe the cutest baby ever born).  PS.  the light on the day of our session was perfect and made for some of my favorite session photos to date.  Enjoy!