I am happy to announce that you can now order prints directly through your online gallery!  I print at an exclusive, high quality professional lab only available to photographers.  Ordering from Jessica Caso Photography is simple and very affordable and will guarantee you the highest quality prints available.

You are still free to print at your preferred lab.  Remember, where and how you print is very, VERY important.  Not all labs are created equal.  When printing on your own, please always select a “matte” or “lustre” finish.  Do not, I repeat, do not order “glossy”.  Glossy prints will not show off the quality of your images and have a tendency to stick to the glass in a frame causing inconsistencies on the print.  Also, make sure you TURN OFF any color correction or auto correct functions.  (many labs have this option and apply it automatically) Below I have listed a few vendors choices (should you choose not to print through me).  I would not suggest printing from Shutterfly, Snapfish, CVS or Walmart as their quality leaves much to be desired in my opinion.  Thanks again for your business, you are very appreciated.  -jessica

*Please note:  Jessica Caso Photography is not responsible for the quality of printed material from these or any other vendor unless you have ordered directly through your online gallery.

Jes’ favorite print shops:

Nations Photo Lab- http://www.nationsphotolab.com   Great quality, great prices.  1st choice overall

Mpix- http://www.mpix.com/  2nd choice overall

My Publisher- http://www.mypublisher.com/  nice quality photo books