the Prine Family

Amber is one of my longest friends.  We met on her first day of school in the fourth grade.  Over the past 20-something years we have had more sleepovers, laughs, tears and softball tournaments than I can count.  Amber and I did soooo many things together that probably weren’t a great idea.  Luckily, we can out the other side with minimal wear and tear.  (An act of God, for sure!)  Now that we are in our 30’s, I am happy to say that we make much better choices.  Amber and Scott are high school sweethearts.  They have been together for a bagillion years.  It is great to see my friend in such a happy and loving marriage.  Together they have 2 little ones, Liam (adorable and a complete ham in front of the camera) and Adelaide (maybe the cutest baby ever born).  PS.  the light on the day of our session was perfect and made for some of my favorite session photos to date.  Enjoy!


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  1. Amber October 12, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    Had an amazing time doing this with you! The great pictures were just an added bonus! Can’t wait to do it again! This lady is worth every penny! And it is true it’s amazing we lived to tell our tales;) which our children will NEVER know about!

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